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Trending denim choices for women:

Trending denim choices for women:

 Denim is a perfect word for comfortable and trendy clothing. It has been a real blessing for the whole of humanity. Jeans are never going to be old-fashioned ever. They are all-time favorites. Jeans are loved by everyone because you can wear them in every season, with every possible option of pairing.

No longer available in just 2 standard colors, blue and black; but lately, there have been so many transformations to denim that makes it even more versatile and trendy. From mom jeans to boyfriend jeans, you can find your style, in whatever or however you feel comfortable. Not only that it can be consumed as comfy, casual, and formal wear, one big plus of denim is that it can be paired with hundreds of possibilities. Let us guide you a little through what’s new in denim and how stylish it can be. Read on for more fun and exciting information.

Different types of jeans to suit your body type:

The good thing about jeans is that you can carry them in every body shape. You can find the perfect one for you if you have a skinny, curvy, or hourglass body shape. Let’s go through some different types of jeans to choose from:

  • Skinny jeans:

Just like the name suggests, skinny jeans fit you just along with your body shape. It stretches and takes the shape of your legs. Skinny jeans are for you if you have sexy legs and can’t wait to show them off. They are available in low, mid, and high rise waist cut, and once again, they are super stretching.

  • Straight leg jeans:

Do you want to wear snugly jeans, that hug your skin and fit them nicely? But you are afraid of skinny jeans because they might be too skinny for your legs' shape. Then this is the perfect option for you, that comes between boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans.

  • Boyfriend jeans:

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for curvy ladies out there. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look good on slim girls. They are called boyfriend jeans because their stuff and shape make them look like they are borrowed from your boyfriend. But with time, they have transformed into a lot better shape but they are your go-to jeans for any place starting from library, supermarket, or airport look. They give you a nice fit along the waist and hips but they broaden a little while moving down, which makes them look sexy and comfy at the same time.

  • Tall jeans:

Of course, just like the name suggests, tall jeans are perfect for tall women because of their length. But if you have short legs and you want to make them feel long, you can wear them too. But in that case, pairing your jeans with high heels or wedges would make it look great.

  • Jeggings:

Okay, jeggings are your best option in all cases. They have so many pluses that make it perfect for you. You can just take it as super skinny jeans. Although they are your leggings in denim fabric. They give you a super skinny fit and come with a waistband instead of all buttons or zip things. they are perfect to wear in winters for winter boots and even for pregnant ladies who cant put pressure on their belly but instead want to look stylish.

  • Mom jeans

What is also known as boot cut jeans now, was originally known as mommy jeans because they are super flexible, comfortable, and stylish to wear on daily basis. They are now a hot favorite among women of all age groups, not just mommies. They give you a tight fit until knees and then subtly open a little below your knees. They flare a little while coming down to your ankles.

How to style your jeans in a trendy and sophisticated way?

No matter what jeans you choose, what’s your favorite pair of jeans, flared, skinny, or boyfriend jeans. You can always pair your jeans with something as simple as a blazer, high heels, or a graphic tee, to make them look super stylish. We will share a few ways for you to try if you want to stand out in the crowd:

  • Ripped jeans:

Pair your ripped jeans with a casual white top along with your favorite printed blazer. You are good to go meet your friends.

  • Ruffle top:

Want to flaunt your beautiful legs with skinny jeans? Go for a cute color ruffle top and add a pair of heels to your skinny jeans and you are ready to go out.

  • Boyfriend jeans:

Wear a plain white top and make a not in front to pair it with boyfriend jeans for a casual but stylish look. Don’t forget to try and pair your boyfriend jeans with a tie and dye tee because that’s way too trendy to leave out.

  • Mommy jeans:

Wear your mom jeans with a silky top and long coat to give it a perfect look. add a structured bag for a sophisticated look.

  • Go all denim:

Another great choice for you is to pair your jeans with a denim top. They look great together. Denim comes in many different colors too, but matching your denim top with skinny-ripped jeans would be a perfect go-to style.

  • Flared jeans:

A pair of flared jeans will look perfect when you style it with a plain top and add a cool color blazer. A printed blazer will also add glam to your look.


If you want to take a break from jeans, but you can’t live without denim, it’s time for you to try something new. And that means you can opt for a denim romper, jumpsuit, or mini skirt. There are a whole lot of other denim options you can choose from if you are tired of jeans for now. Although, a pair of jeans is something no one could ever get tired of because they could be paired with anything. Happy styling ladies!