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Ponchos are great; you know why?

Ponchos are great; you know why?

Do you know what ponchos are? Or you might have been surfing around your Instagram lately and found some bloggers and celebrities wrapped up in ponchos and you just fall for them? But the problem is; you don’t know what are they called or where to find them. Well, that chic-looking shawls are known as ponchos and they are great for you to style your new fall look without getting too hot. And you can find a variety of ponchos at a variety of prices.

Ponchos never fail to give you a new look. they look super cute, cool, and chic. Whatever style you choose, you will end up looking beautiful. So, if you are looking for something to keep yourself warm without being too snuggly, then ponchos are the best option for you. they are best to style with your wardrobe for the coming fall.

What are ponchos?

A poncho looks like a shawl, that’s why some people call it a shawl too. But the poncho is a bit different from the shawl. The real South American poncho is the source of inspiration for the modern poncho. It was initially intended to keep you warm and is typically made of knitting or woven wool.

Ponchos are designed to wear on top of your clothes and they drape down from your shoulders, keeping your shoulders and back warm. Ponchos can be found in different styles, like the one with shawl style, covering back and shoulders, but front open. Or some ponchos wrap around your body and closed front.

The poncho hangs from your body giving you a super cute look. They are ideal for the fall season. They look good in all the styles and they are lightweight. So you can take them with you for a cozy night out. Or you might wear them at first, and feel hot later, then just fold them and put them in your purse, it’s easy to carry.

What are the pros and cons of wearing a poncho?



It looks amazing on whatever you are wearing. It drapes down without clinging and adds a dramatic effect to your look.


It covers your body in a way that it doesn’t let others feel the unstructured layers of your body if you have any. So, you look flawless in ponchos, no matter what body shape you got.


It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere and take on or take off easily. it keeps you cozy without making you hot in mild winter.


You can style it with slim-fit jeans or can even carry it with loose trousers and boots. It can also be designed with a dress.


Every good thing has a few drawbacks along with a lot of good things. Here’s what some people don’t like about ponchos:


With a lot of fabric hanging around your shoulders, some people don’t feel comfortable, because they are used to wearing structured pieces.

Casual look:

It looks casual and dramatic, which makes it not very good to wear at parties unless you style it that way.

Not too practical:

You cannot layer a jacket over or under a poncho, which makes it hard to go out in cold. It’s only good for the mild winter and fall season.

Can you wear a poncho to hiking?

Yes, of course, ponchos are one of the best options, if you are going out for a hike and wearing a backpack too. Ponchos are great to wear for backpacking because they take minimum space, keep you warm, and are best for cozy nights out while you camp. If it rains, ponchos also help you get dry because many ponchos have an outer layer made with a raincoat-type material, so it can also work like one. but you need to keep in mind a few things if you want to find the best poncho for your next hike:


Not all ponchos are made from the same material. Although waterproofing is what you need for hiking, comfort also can’t be taken for granted. There are a few different materials used to make ponchos like:


It’s a cheap material, best for waterproofing but not too good with durability. And it is less breathable.


Silicon and nylon together make this material. They are good for taking outside but not too flexible.


Well, this is what you call a perfect option because it’s strong, lightweight, and durable. It was a bit expensive but worth it.

Pu nylon:

It’s cheap, as well as lightweight and flexible, which makes it a good option.

How durable is it?

The material of the poncho should be durable. Otherwise, if you go out wearing a cheap poncho, it can easily get ripped and ruin your journey, while you are in the woods and need it the most.

Is it waterproof?

Whatever material you choose, make sure it has a great waterproofing feature. Rain protection is a must if you are going hiking.

Poncho vs. Cape: What's the Difference?

A poncho differs from a cape even though they are both worn in the same way. A cape does not have a hole in your head because it wraps around your body. Aside from that, there isn't much else to say. The rear of a poncho might be considered a cape. The front of a cape can also be used as a head hole if you're in a pinch. A cape, on the other hand, is a distinct piece of clothing.

Final thoughts:

During the fall, ponchos will be your best friend. The weather, as we all know, is notoriously fickle. Perhaps it was warm when you left the house, but now it's freezing. Surely, you've experienced something similar. Simply toss a poncho over your clothing and go about your business. Fold it up if the weather warms up again later.

In a pinch, you can even use it as a blanket. Then you may use it to keep your legs warm by draping it over them. Try finding a perfect poncho style for yourself, and get a taste of the poncho's versatility!