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<p>Swimwear: how to choose the perfect one for your body shape?</p> <p> </p>

<p>Swimwear: how to choose the perfect one for your body shape?</p> <p> </p>

 What do you want from your swimsuit? Just a swimming session; no, right? Well, a swimming costume is meant for swimming but there are a few other factors too. Your swimming costume shouldn’t make you look bad while you are swimming. your swimwear should be comfy, cool, and flattering. No matter what your body shape is; you need perfect stylish swimwear for your next pool party with friends.

Summer is always a perfect time to plan a vacation with your family or with your college friends. And in summer vacation, swimming is a must. So, buying swimwear could cause you a little stress as it might be a tough decision for you to find perfectly comfortable swimwear that is flattering as well. It’s not going to be that hard at the end of this blog post. We will help you find the best swimwear for your summer vacation.

Remember, don’t let anyone tell you what to wear. Wear whatever you want!

Does your body shape matter?

Yes, a little. You will end up with perfectly stylish, comfortable, and flattering swimwear if you know your body shape. Although, perfect swimwear is what touches your heart the most. You can wear whatever and whenever you want. Don’t let anyone ruin that. But it is better if you know your body shape before buying anything for your wardrobe. You will know what makes you look even more flattering.

How to find the perfect swimwear for different body shapes?

No matter if you are a curvy, athlete, or average body-shaped woman. You are the most beautiful person with whatever body shape you got. But if you want to enhance that perfect body of yours, then find a perfect fit swimwear for you. Let’s take a look at the choices you should try for your body shape:

  • Large bust

If you have a large bust, finding swimwear could be about complete support and coverage, along with making you feel comfortable. While measuring, don’t squeeze the bust too tight because you need to be able to breathe properly while wearing your swimwear. Here are 3 style options for you to go with:

Wide straps

For a large bust, a top with wide straps and a thick chest band that helps support and makes you feel more comfortable.

Wrap suit:

A one-piece wrap suit is the best option for you if you have a large bust but you want to make yourself look lighter, this is a perfect option for you.

High waisted set:

High waisted set with an underwire top and adjustable straps is an option for you if you are looking for a 2-piece set. This suit is typically perfect for large-busted women.

  • Small bust:

If you have a smaller bust, then a halter top will be perfect for you. Lightly-padded bra suit, triangle top, or wrap suit are also cool options for you to flaunt your body and enhance your cleavage look.

  • Tummy covered:

If you have a wider waist than your hips or as much wider as your bust then you can wear one piece wrap suit. Solid colors at the bottom and colorful, attractive tops will be your best bet. You can also opt for a wide strap top with a thick underwire bikini set with solid color high waist bottom.

  • Big hips:

For a pear-shaped body, which means your hips are wider than your waist and bust, you need to find something that enhances your upper body more than your hips. Some options like attractive patterns and ruffle tops that draw more attention with the simple-looking bottom with the high cut will do the job. You can also go for a high-waisted floral bikini set with a cute ruffle top.

  • Compact figure

If you are slim then you should create an hourglass look. You can opt for bright colors with attractive prints that make you look fuller. If you want to make your hips stand out then strapped bottom with halter top will look best on you. A One-piece set with cute and attractive floral prints will also do the job perfectly to create an hourglass look.

  • Hourglass shape:

If you have an hourglass shape, which means you have a bust and hips of the almost same width with a smaller waist, then you need to flatter your curves, my friend.

Retro high waist bikini with halter top will do its best to enhance your curves. They have nice and higher cuts that will flatter your body cuts.

You can also opt for a plunging neckline one-piece swimsuit that will flatter your curves by emphasizing them. you can also go for a 2-piece strap design biking set.

  • Love handles:

Yes, who loves “love handles”, right? But you can’t fight it and it shouldn’t be in your way to look at your best while blasting your day at the beach. High waist bottoms work wonders, in this case, to prevent muffin top and give perfect look.

  • Short torso.

A simple way to handle a short torso is by adding length and busting the butt-line. Low-rise bottoms will give elongating look and halter strap tops will draw attention to your neck and chest.

  • Short legs:

If you want to make your legs look longer then you must go for swimsuits with a high cut in the leg. Showing more skin will make your legs appear longer. Be brave and bold enough to flaunt your beautiful body.

Our thoughts:

Now that you have gone through this post, you might have got the point about your body shape and swimsuit that will flatter your body the most. But remember, there is no such thing as “beach body” or “bikini body”. You can wear whatever you want and however, you feel comfortable. You can opt for one-piece wrap suits, high-waisted bikini sets, or even low-rise and high-cut bikini sets.  If you are confident and comfortable, you will flaunt anyway. Have a good tan and don’t get sunburned ;).