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How to fold clothes to save space?

How to fold clothes to save space?

There are different types of clothes. You can fold in half and then unfold, when you need them. But what if you don't have a lot of space in your wardrobe? There is an easy way to fold them, so they take little space.

How to fold cardigans to save space?

A cardigan can be folded in half and unfolded as you need it. But what if your wardrobe space is limited? There are a few simple steps that will teach you how to fold a cardigan so that it takes very little space and you can save some space.

fold cardigans

How To Fold A Cardigan: Step By Step:

  • Put the cardigan on a flat surface with the front side down and the buttons fastened. Fold the collar up neatly.
  • Now, take one sleeve from its side by holding the shoulder and slide it across until its cuff reaches where you have started folding from (far end of collar).
  • Do this for both sleeves now, keeping them at equal distance from each other.
  • Next, gather all of them together and fold them from the shoulder area.
  • Finally, fold it so that the collar is on top of the folded portion of the cardigan.
  • To have a flat and even look, you will need to pull out all the sleeves inside out and then fold them into half again.
  • Now, roll up your cleanly folded cardigan into a cylinder and fasten it with a rubber band or string, as shown in the image above. Finally, hang up on a hanger, preferably one without too many knobs, and you're done!

Note: If you store this cardigan like this for more than three months, do not forget to air it out once every three months as it can feel stale due to lack of circulation. This method helps those who travel frequently and keep space constraints while packing.

How to fold T-shirt?

If you can't stand a messy, cluttered room, then this article is for you. I'll show you several ways that work best for me to fold t-shirts. I hope they help keep your closet organized as well as mine. First, let's start with folded shirts in a drawer:

fold t-shirts

First Method:

The first method is probably the most popular way to organize t-shirts in a drawer.

  • Take one shirt and lay it on top of another so that their bottom hem edges are touching each other (with right sides facing), line up all four corners, and fold them both at the same time (so that you end up with two stacks).
  • Fold the stacks of shirts in half once more and place them inside your drawer. You can fit a lot of unfolded t-shirts, but you might need to fold some even smaller depending on how bulky they are. (Above: 8 folded t-shirts in one drawer)

Second Method:

The second method is similar to the first, except you'll use two separate shirts instead of stacking them together.

  • Lay one shirt (with right side facing upwards) flat, then lay another shirt (with right side facing downwards) over it so that their top garment hangers meet up at both ends and their hem edges line up with each other (like folding towels).
  • Now fold all four corners.

How to fold Pants to save space?

We can fold pants in a few ways, but I prefer the method below because it takes less space in my drawer.

Pack your pants

  • Start by folding the pant half lengthwise so that the two legs are together.
  • Now fold the pant in half again, this time width-wise.
  • You can now place them inside your drawer folded this way.
  • For tighter spaces like this drawer, you can fold the pants in half width-wise into thirds.
  • You can even fit three rows of folded pants inside one drawer with room to spare!

(Above: a row of 5 folded pairs of jeans on top of 2 rows of 3 folded pairs of sweatpants)

For clothes hung up in your closet, I have a unique folding technique called "The Triangle Fold" that only uses about 1.5 ft x 0.75 ft area for each shirt and takes up less space than any other way I've ever seen. The wonderful thing is that it works best for bulky shirts due to the extra fabric from their sleeves or frills at the bottom.

  • Start by folding the bottom edge of the shirt up about 5 to 6 inches.
  • Fold the sleeve in half so that it's touching the folded part of the shirt.
  • Now, fold both sleeves towards where you just folded the bottom hem. The sleeves form a triangle with the rest of the shirt, making "The Triangle Fold."
  • You can now stack several shirts inside each other for easy storage, thanks to how small they are! I usually place them in plastic bins, so they don't get wrinkly over time, but stacking them works great. As you can see in my example, I can fit four stacks of shirts next to one another, an area that would typically only fit two if they did not fold this way. (Above: 4 stacks of folded t-shirts, one pile of folded pants, and one pile of socks inside a plastic drawer)

I have a unique way of folding socks so that they don't get wrinkled and take up less space in my drawer.

  • Start by laying the sock down flat with the heel facing you.
  • Fold the sock in half so that the two toes are together.
  • Now fold it in half again so that it's about 4 to 5 inches wide.
  • You can now place it inside your drawer folded this way.
  • For tighter spaces like this drawer, you can fold the sock half width-wise into thirds.(Above: 2 stacks of folded socks inside a small plastic drawer) I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help you save space when organizing your clothes!