Get some hats and caps to make your Style Statement

The origin of hats and caps is from Ancient Egypt, who wore them as a status symbol to depict their class. Some people wore it to protect their heads from the warm/cool environment. Hats were the representation of the power of an individual. It shows their novelty and authority towards others. Then after some time, the embroidered and fancy hats were in fashion and worn by Royal families that show their unique taste and upper class.

After the advent of fashion, a hat is considered a fashion accessory. Different types of hats were then gradually invented in every next decade that has different sizes and styles. The cap is also a subcategory of hats. Hats and caps are unisex, they can be worn by both men and women. Some caps are specifically made for men and some embroidered or crafted hats caps are only be worn by women. The hats and caps come in many sizes, colors, and styles. You can choose them according to your taste or match them with your outfit too.

Some people wear hats/caps when they go outside or expose to the sun. While some think it to be a fashion statement and wear it with their unique dresses at a party. Hats and caps are a depiction of your personality; how you wear them shows your inner self and thinking. Hats and caps can never go out of fashion. They are liked by every age group from kids to old people.

What is the difference between Hats and Caps?

Hats and caps are interlinked to each other. As caps are derived from the hat, so the cap is one of the subcategories of a hat. The main purpose of the hat is to cover yourself from any weather condition or it is also worn in different ceremonies. Cap is a type of heat that is used in hospitals or religious rituals etc. So both of them are in fashion and used for daily or seasonal purposes.

Technically the main difference between hat and cap is that hat has projecting edges at the corners. Some of the hats have adjustable brims and visors to protect your eyes from sun or dust. While the cap is like a crown that is fitted on your head and it does not have any brim instead it contains a visor. Sportsperson mostly tends to use a cap or a person who is most exposed to sun wear it mostly.

Categories of hats and caps for men and women

The invention of hats is from Egypt but after it, many different civilizations and cultures adapt it according to their traditions. The style of wearing a hat/cap becomes their identity and still, they are known by that specific area. There are dozen of styles and types of hats and caps that you don’t even know.

      Baseball cap

It is a type of cap that has a round crown and a visor on the front side. On the backside, it has elastic to fit on the person’s head. It is mostly used by people, as it shields the wearer’s eyes from the sun and dust. The baseball cap is also used by armed forces. They come in many colors and with or without a chain.



This type of hat has a pinched crown and soft brim. It was introduced in the 1920s and become popular with everyone because of its style and protection level. Stylish fedoras for men and women are available in different stuff and colors that will make you look cool.


      Bomber hats

The name bomber is originated from world war II. Because these hats were invented to protect the head, ear, and chin of people from cold weather. It is made of fur and leather to protect the person from extreme weather conditions.


      Panama hats

These are lightweight hats that are breathable. Mostly these hats are available on beaches or tropical areas.



It is a brimless woven cap that is used to cover your head in the winter season with a fashion statement.




It is a flat-rounded cap that is soft and can be worn by both men and women. It can be available in many colors in the market. It is also available in fabrics like cotton, wool or acrylic fiber, etc. Mostly the military person used to wear them in the uniform.


      Trucker hat

It is a form of a baseball cap but its brim is longer than the usual caps. So it is mostly used by working people like truck drivers, farmers, etc.



It is used by some specific communities of people for some religious rituals. But some people wear it to protect their heads from dust and other weather conditions.


      Pork pie hat

It is a round hat that has a flat crown to fit on the head. It is worn by both men and women. It is an old-school hat that was mostly worn by hipsters jazzing around in the club.

These traditional or modern hats not only protect you but also give you a style that might b unique and eye-catching for others. So choose the hats according to your personality and outfit.


What do hats say about your personality?

The style of hat or cap that you wear tells about your inner soul and personality. For example, Berets are mostly won by military or police officers, so they do not think what others will say about them. They are confident and fierce. A person wearing a fedora cap looks responsible and self-sufficient. They have sharp minds along with the strong character. The Panama hat depicts the charismatic personality of a person. People around you get easily attracted to you. So wear the hat that suits you the most and makes you appealing to people.

Our verdict

If you want a crown, just wear a hat. It is more like a protecting gear if you are more likely to expose to the sun. Protecting yourself along with styling is the main concern nowadays. The popularity of hats and caps never goes out of style. Whatever your profession is, you can wear and style them according to your dress.