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A chic way to style your summer

A chic way to style your summer

It’s time for you to upgrade your wardrobe in a chic way to style your summer with cool apparel. Do you like summer? Do you like hanging out on golden sunny days with your friends? And you must like going to the beach for some tan and fun, right? Summer is another name for endless fun and activities. Everything that can’t be carried out in winters, is easy in summers.

When there is so much for you to do in the summers, why stay with a bunch of old tees and a pair of denim? A tee is another name of comfy, chic, and all-time apparel, just like denim. You can wear tees whenever you want, by just pairing and layering with the right items.

When should you wear a t-shirt?

A t-shirt is a perfect, stylish, and trendy apparel choice for men. There aren’t as many dressing options for men, as many are there for women, do you think so? Well, it’s not true anymore. If you are a fashionista, you must know that there are hundreds of different options for you to choose from and thousand different ways to style them. you cannot just sit back and rely on a hoodie and shorts. You need to go out and buy yourself some stuff that will make you look wanted. Yes, that’s right. Just like girls, men also need and like to flaunt their looks and abs with suitable and perfect clothing.

Ahh, would you believe me if I said that t-shirts were originated as underwear? Yes, that’s right. Many miners and dockworkers of the 19th century wore "t-shirts" as the tops of two-piece union suits that they wore beneath their garments, which they would wear with pants when working.

US Navy sailors were given undershirts around the turn of the 20th century, and other branches of the military followed suit in the decades to come. When fighting in hot and humid conditions, servicemen and women often opted to forgo their traditional uniform top and labor solely in their tee-shirts and khakis instead.

But, let me tell you, what started as underwear is not considered underdressed and sloppy when you wear it outside anymore. The good thing is, what just started as an underwear shirt can now be styled in thousand different ways. Hundreds of different styles and thousands of different prints and colors are available for men when it comes to t-shirts. Okay, maybe you can’t or shouldn’t just wear tees at a funeral or wedding, but when styled in the right way, it could do wonders. T-shirts chosen and worn properly will not just make you look charming, but they also give you eternal comfort.

You can wear a tee, wherever you are off to. Tees are not just about beach trips or gym hours anymore. Whether it’s a get-together with friends, a movie night, or just a football game; there should be a t-shirt for each one of these occasions in your wardrobe.

How to choose a t-shirt that’s right for you?

 If you want to look your best self by just wearing a t-shirt, then you should choose the one that fits you perfectly. What fits, color, neck shape, and design would look best on you. keep a few things in mind while you are getting yourself a t-shirt. And you will flaunt it by just wearing a tee:

The foundation of good style is a well-fitting outfit. It's not just the suit and dress shirt that need to fit well; t-shirts also need to be comfortable to wear.

Ø  Size/Fitting

The ideal fit for a t-shirt is a balance between loose and tight. You'll look ugly in it if it's too big and drapes like a pillowcase. Wearing a dress that is too tight can make you appear self-absorbed, showy, and/or douchey, depending on how it's styled. Tighter is better if you're in shape and have a good physique. Wearing a looser-fitting garment can make you appear larger rather than smaller if you're carrying a significant amount of weight.

Ø  Sleeves.

For the sleeves to fit, they should be just above the elbow. If you're very tall, sleeves that stretch further down the arm will appear more proportional.

Ø  Length.

The bottom hem of your tee should fall just below your hips, ideally a few inches below your waistband. You risk displaying your back/butt crack/belly when you bend over if you cut your hair any shorter.

Ø  Collar

The crew's collar. This is the most traditional option, and it will never go out of style. Because it elongates the neck and gives the impression of wider shoulders, this style is best suited to men with a slim body.

The V-neck. You can add visual interest and flair with the V-neck instead of going with the crew collar, which is less formal than the crew collar. It's ideal for the shorter man because it softens his features and gives him a bit of height.

Ø  Color/Pattern/Design

It is possible to categorize T-shirts into two basic categories: traditional and graphic.

The most timeless tees are ones that come in solid hues, such as white, black, and navy.

White, which has its roots in sailors' and soldiers' undershirts, is the ancestor of all colors. With jeans, it still evokes the "rebels without a cause" who used the garment as outerwear in the post-war period.

Navy color rarely fail to impress.

Gray is a classy color, however, it readily reveals perspiration under the arms.

Because of its starkness and hardness (which may be what you're trying for), black is the most difficult color to pull off.

Ø  Material

In general, it's best to stick with tees made of 100 percent cotton. Cotton is a natural, soft, cool, and static-resistant fabric. The synthetic fiber is less breathable, pills more easily from use, and increases static, yet the shirt is less moisture absorbent and more prone to wrinkles and shrinkage if it is a 50/50 polyester blend. While synthetic tees may wick away perspiration better, they're only appropriate for gym wear and feel a lot less comfortable than pure cotton unless you're putting in some serious effort.


Most men's casual outfits contain t-shirts as a simple go-to item. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a pair of shoes and running out the door to wear them. In the right hands, a simple tee can become a flexible, timeless piece of apparel that looks great and feels wonderful.